RE9, Term 3, Week 6: Overcoming sin

By the end of this week, students should:

Recognise the relationship between humans and God has always been about desiring forgiveness from God (figurative stories)

  • Story of Noah: Flood cleansed the earth and drowned out the sin
  • Story of Moses
  • Jesus story of healing (literal)
  • what the Church teaches about sin and forgiveness: mortal sin, venial sin.

Learning Experience 1

Prayer/Reflection Activity 

Forgiveness and repentance go hand-in-hand in a Christian’s life.  We must learn to always forgive others and to ask for forgiveness ourselves.  Without repentance, we are liable of judgment from God.  If we withhold forgiveness to others, forgiveness will also be withheld from us. God cannot forgive us if we don't want to be forgiven.

Reading stories of God's forgiveness 

Introduce the story of Noah. Direct students to use Bible Gateway to find the story. It can be accessed here. We will read it together. 

Some questions to be answered: 

  • Why did God decide to flood the earth? 
  • Why did he warn Noah about what was going to happen and tell him how to escape from being drowned? 
  • What happened as a result of the flood that showed that God had forgiven people for sinning? 
  • What is the sign of God's forgiveness that we place in classrooms in the school? Explain how this is a sign of God's forgiveness. 

What the Church teaches about sin

Students will make notes based on the words that are put on the whiteboard: 

  • Mortal sin completely turns a person away from God. It destroys the gift of charity that empowers people to keep the laws of God they find difficult. 
  • Venial sin does not turn a person away from God but weakens their relationship with God and also the power of charity within them. 


Learning Experience 2

Prayer/Reflection Activity

Our prayer for today's learning experience is Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

Working Collaboratively

If you took the time to complete the activity related to the story of Noah, then you will have found me providing you with a challenge or two for this period. Most challenges relate to finding the links between the rainbow and the Gospel. Hint: the link involves the ideas of forgiveness and reconciliation. We will develop these ideas in class today. 

Learning Experience 3

Prayer/Reflection Activity

Learning Experience 4

Prayer/Reflection Activity

Our prayer today was chosen by Monique. It is called Jesus, be the Lord of my life.

Working on the role of Jesus in forgiveness 

We will commence with Bibles being handed out. Students will be directed to choose a Gospel story and then show how the story reflects the theme of sin and forgiveness as found in the story of Noah.