RE9, Term 3, Week 8: Prayers and reflections

A Prayer for dealing with sickness

O Jesus, You suffered and died for us.
You understand suffering.
Teach me to understand the suffering
of people I know and love
as You do;
to bear my own suffering in union with You;
to offer it with You to atone for my sins
and to bring Your grace to souls in need.
Calm my fears;
increase my trust.
May I gladly accept Your holy will
and become more like You in trial.
If it be Your will, restore me to health
so that I may work for Your honour and glory
and the salvation of all people.

A Prayer for the Sick

your love is as wide as the oceans
as deep as the sea
and as tall as the heavens.
May your spirit rise like a mightly wave
and come and restore those who are ill.

You are the water of life,
you are a fresh spring,
you are healing rain
to all those who are in need.
Come Lord!