RE10, Term 3, Week 8: The Growth of the Church

By the end of this week, students should:

  • Understand that Catholics believe the Holy Spirit is the source of the Church’s growth
  • Briefly explain the 5 contexts of the growth and expansion of the Church
    • In Jerusalem
    • Beyond Jerusalem to Israel and Palestine
    • Across the Roman Empire
    • Christendom period
    • Expansion beyond Europe

Learning Experience 1


Our reflection today is titled The Music of "Ephphatha".

Quick Test 

A Testmoz Quiz has been developed to test students' understanding of the material in the text. The password for students is kccre1015. The testmoz URL is and the Admin password is franpp15kcc. 


  • What is the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church?
  • Why is the human conscience an essential part of the work of the Holy Spirit?


Students will be divided into 5 groups. One part of the development of Christianity will be assigned to each group. Students will research the part given to them and gather images and text to tell the story of the spread of Christianity, noting key events and people. They will put their information into a Google Slides file, which is shared in the group. Each student must identify his/her contribution with his/her name in the bottom right corner of each slide they create for the presentation. The slide shows will be presented and shared with everyone in the class on Friday. 

Learning Experience 2


Our prayer today is a Holy Spirit prayer.

Project Work

The Holy Spirit stirs the consciences of people to do good. This is most evident in times and places when and where goodness confronts evil, prompting people to seek God and intimacy with God. 

This book has been put together to guide you in group work related to the growth of the Church from its beginnings to the present. The story of the spread of Christianity is a grand narrative about the presence of the Holy Spirit at work in the world, guiding and strengthening people who draw others into communion with one another and with the Triune God. 

Work in groups of 4 or 5 and allocate the tasks associated with the part of the history of the Church assigned to your group. 

Decide how you will present what you learn. There are some suggested ways of doing this in the book. 

Complete the proposal form - each student does this - and submit it to your teacher. 

Then commence your work individually and in collaboration.

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Learning Experience 3


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