RE10, Term 3, Week 10: Overcoming sin

Learning Experience 1

One of the greatest challenges to people growing up in the twenty-first century is the difficulties encountered in making moral decisions. The world is becoming sophisticated and the advances being made by science in so many fields is staggering. From the development of "cloaking" devices to the trialling of medication to prevent the spread of AIDS, science helps to create a world in which people find it increasingly difficult to conceive of a Creator, let alone a Redeemer. 


Review Quizzes

In this learning experience, we will focus on the formation of conscience. Through preparing for the next assessment task, we will recall the Church's teaching about how conscience can be and ought to be formed.

The tests are: 

Principles of Conscience 1

Principles of Conscience 2

Principles of Conscience 3

Principles of Conscience 4

Learning Experience 2


Learning Experience 3


Learning Experience 4