RE104, Week 2: Prayers and Reflections

A prayer for peacemakers

Spirit of God,
give us the openness, deep within us
to recognise, daily,
all people as made in your image and likeness.
Help us to learn from one another
the ways of being fully alive,
at peace with ourselves
and with those around us.
Give us the courage to transform
those parts of ourselves and our world
that separate and create enmity.

Help us to take steps to stop
the cycle of violence
in our homes, in our workplaces,
in our neighbourhoods, in our country,
in our world.
May we be open to our deepest yearning
for a world alive with your justice and truth,
to dream of a society
where all are treated with respect,
and, with the power of your Spirit,
to take steps to bring it about.

Forgive me, Lord

Forgive me, most gracious Lord and Father,
if this day I have done or said anything
to increase the pain of the world.
Pardon the unkind word,
the impatient gesture,
the hard and selfish deed,
the failure to show sympathy
and kindly help where I had the opportunity,
but missed it;
and enable me so to live
that I may daily do something
to lessen the tide of human sorrow,
and add to the sum of human happiness.