RE11, ATAR 2, Week 10: The participation of religion in society

Learning Experience 1


Unpacking the syllabus statement

  • The impact an event or issue in history had on a religion

We will take each term in the statement, discuss what each means and what each word brings to the meaning of the statement. 

A list of events will be provided to illustrate the syllabus statement: 

  • The Crusades
  • The Bubonic plague or ‘Black Death’
  • The printing press
  • The Reformation
  • New World missions
  • The French Revolution
  • The industrial Revolution
  • The unification of Italy
  • The experience of two World Wars and the Cold War
  • Fascism and/or Communism

We have been given the Reformation as an event in history to explore and its impact on Christianity, in particular, Catholicism. 

Learning Experience 2


Learning Experience 3


Learning Experience 4


Learning Experience 5