RE11, ATAR 2, Week 14:


Religious structures and processes

  • examples of religious structures and processes
  • how a religion is organised and led
  • a religious structure:  
    • main features  
    • role each plays in a religion  
    • importance
  • a religious process:  
    • main features
    • role each plays in a religion  
    • importance

Some Focus Questions

  1. In the context of this dot-point what is meant by the terms: structures and processes
  2. What are the main structures of a particular religion?
  3. What are the main processes of a particular religion?
  4. What is the relationship between these structures and processes?

Suggested Outline of Learning

  • Define key terms in the syllabus dot point

  • Examples of religious structures and processes

  • The leadership and organisation of a religion

  • The structures and processes of a religion

By the end of this week we will have covered the following:

  • Historical approach to the topic
  • Despite the excesses of those in the past, the Church still thrives/exist today.
  • Looking at the Apostolic Era
  • Protecting the teachings of Jesus
    • Apostolic Office
    • Magisterium
  • Levels of teachings:
    • Papal Infallibility
    • Definitive
    • Revelation
    • Contemporary issues
  • Church Governance

Learning Experience 1


Reviewing Structures and Processes in a religion

The following web app is about religious structures and processes.

Learning Experience 2

Learning Experience 3

Learning Experience 4