Year 10 Religious Education: Term 1 

 Our Vocations Playlist 

This is the resource we used at the beginning of the Term. I have placed it here so that you can re-visit it to deepen your understanding of the Christian vocation. 

Week 9 

This is a short week. We commence school on Wednesday. We have three tasks to complete this week: 
  1. Commence a reflection on the meaning of Easter. 
  2. Prepare for the second assessment task.
  3. Update your portfolio.

1. The meaning of Easter 

For most members of our school community, the religious and spiritual meaning of Easter remains locked in our community liturgies, particularly our Holy Thursday liturgy. Most members would not have gone to Church over the Easter break. Easter Sunday would have been an "Easter Egg" day, if that. This saddens me. The Easter experience is central to the faith of Christians and to the Christian vocation. 

Our reflection will begin with the Gospel stories about Easter. Then we will consider the historical evidence for the Resurrection and some cultural celebrations of Easter. Finally, we will reflect on how people's lives can be enriched through celebrating Easter in a religious way. This will culminate in a journal writing activity. 

The research task which is intended for Week 11 will come out of our reflection on Easter and will involve us in an examination of the world of Jesus and the forces marshalled against him. This activity is intended to deepen our understanding of the meaning of the Christian vocation. 

2. The second assessment task 

Our second assessment task will be a test that will require you to write extended answers to a set of questions. You will be given the questions in advance so that you can prepare for the test. The preparation phase will include time in class and time on Edmodo over the weekend and early next week (Week 10). 

3. Updating your portfolio. 

Your portfolio is the key to your success with the second assessment task.  We will spend a short period of time reviewing how you have been keeping records of work done for this unit.  I will provide a solution to your problems should you have any problems. 


Week 10 

The focus for this week will be the second assessment task. I would like to involve you in the formulation of the task and to make it as open-ended as possible. I am not too confident of my ability to explain things so that you will have enough direction for you to feel comfortable with it. I suspect it will take me a few attempts to get it to a workable form. 

Here is the assessment task. 

For the development of the task, go to this page


Week 11 

This is your project week, that is, when you work on your second assessment task.