Let's imagine that this course is a three-course meal. The entree is about the human desire to be moral people. The main course is about the Christian Tradition. The dessert is about being sacramental people. 

This unit begins with the exploration of the struggle we often experience when it comes to making wise choices. Through journal writing and discussions of contemporary songs, video clips and news items, we will deepen our understanding of what each person needs so that they can make morally right decisions. 

Given what we learn about how to make moral decisions, we will apply our knowledge to the issue of asylum seekers that seems to have split our nation. Through the use of Go Back To Where You Came From, we will investigate the morality of the opposing choices that represent the positions of many Australians and evaluate them in the light of the teaching of Jesus. 

Finally, we will examine how Christians develop the inner resources they need to make difficult choices, including the decision to be like the Good Samaritan.  

 The Human Condition: Freedom, Responsibility and Moral Response

Week 1: 

We will use the first week to review our progress with the assignment from Term 1 (From little things ....). Comments from students suggest they are struggling with it, so we will work through the different parts of the assignment and discuss how to put it together. I will suggest that they use Edublogs, set up an account and post responses to their blog. 

Week 2: Freedom and Responsibility

I will use a playlist to provide resources for this week. Students will access the playlist in our MentorMob page. I will use this to show them how MentorMob works and I will sign them in as members of the learning community. 

Some work from this initial playlist will be set for homework so that they can come to class on the next day ready for discussion and other activities related to freedom and responsibility as well as the choices that we make. 

Week 3: Morality and Natural Law 

God's Vision for People

Week 4: The Ten Commandments

Week 5: Jesus and the New Law  

Week 6: Beatitudes 

Week 7: Exam Week

Sacraments of Freedom

Week 8: Sacraments of Freedom: Baptism, Confirmation 

The relationship between Charity and Eucharist

Week 9: