Term 3: The Action of the Holy Spirit in People and in the World


Jesus promised his followers that he would send the Holy Spirit to teach them the truth: “When the Advocate comes, whom I will send to you from the Father—the Spirit of truth who goes out from the Father—he will testify about me. (John 15:26. See also Luke 24:49) The story of Pentecost is about the coming of the Holy Spirit and the dramatic transformational change in the disciples who had gathered in that upper room in Jerusalem. 

The followers of Jesus knew what they had to do and what to say. Moreover, they found the courage to stand up to their opponents and speak the truth. The Holy Spirit had stirred their consciences and strengthened them when they recognised what God commanded them to say and do.

Our mission this Term is to come to understand that conscience is not only individual. It is also communal, that is, society has a conscience, too. The Holy Spirit works in society to bring about changes that lead to the completion of creation. The Church uses the word "aggiornamento" - which means "the signs of the times" - to name the action of the Holy Spirit in the world. 

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Week 6: Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to guide conscience

By the end of this week, students should understand the ways in which the Holy Spirit guides consciences"

  • Recognising the Holy Spirit
  • How to love
  • What is good
  • Applying God’s laws
  • Scriptural references

Explain how the Pope and bishops seek to help form people’s consciences through teaching and example

  • JPII and the forgiveness of Mehmet Agca

Develop awareness of the different levels of teaching in the Church

Week 7The characteristics of the Church

By the end of this week, students should:

  • Explain the Catholic understanding of the Church as the body of Christ

  • Explain the qualities of one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church

Week 8The growth of the Church

By the end of this week, students should:

  • Understand that Catholics believe the Holy Spirit is the source of the Church’s growth
  • Briefly explain the 5 contexts of the growth and expansion of the Church
    • In Jerusalem
    • Beyond Jerusalem to Israel and Palestine
    • Across the Roman Empire
    • Christendom period
    • Expansion beyond Europe

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