Knight 83

Week 1

Our focus in the first week will be the call all people receive from God to be stewards of creation.

Week 2

Creation reveals the love of God who sustains creation, who is all-knowing and who is beautiful. During this week, we will also learn about the life of St Maximilian Kolbe.

Week 3

In this week, we commence our reflection on the four harmonies of God's creation. The starting point will be the creation stories in the Book of Genesis. On Friday, we will celebrate Kolbe Day.

Week 4

We will complete our reflection on the four harmonies, and then use the story of the Fall from the Book of Genesis to reflect on the damage done to creation because of Original Sin. We will use the Feast of the Assumption to start the reflection process.

Week 5

This is our Assessment Week.

Week 6

The focus for this week will be how Jesus restores the original harmony of creation.

Week 7

Jesus founded the Church. During this week we will learn how people are saved through the sacraments. We will reflect on how human gestures are used to communicate the power of God.

Week 8

We will spend the week studying the sacred symbols, vestments used in liturgies, and the liturgical year.

Week 9

We conclude our reflection on how Jesus saves believers through their participation in the sacramental life of the Church. Then we consider the end of time.

Week 10

During this week, we will review the Term's work and then complete the scheduled assessment task.