Welcome to the Knight 9.1. The name is significant. 

Week 1

This is about introductions: me telling them about myself and them telling me about themselves. We will use various activities to do this. In addition, we will establish procedures around how we operate as a group. I will introduce the web app I have developed for this unit and we will deal with the matters raised in the first section of the text. In the last period for the week, I will introduce the topic for the Term. 

Week 2

The focus for this week will be the "human heart" questions that people commonly ask themselves. We will examine the four basic questions that relate to self, others, the future, and God.

Week 3

We will commence our investigation of the Bible. We will learn that it includes a range of literary forms. Our focus will be the Gospels as examples of a particular literary form. Our week will end with a discussion of the significant differences between the Gospels.

Week 4

During this week, we will commence work on our first assessment task, which involves an examination of biblical stories.

Week 5

We will work on preparing for the assessment task this week. It will involve the use of a passage from St Mark's Gospel which we will interpret creatively. You will be asked to prepare your interpretation for inclusion in the College e-newsletter.


Week 6

This will be our assessment week. We will work on the questions in the booklet each day and write our draft answers neatly into our task booklet for homework.

Week 7

During this week, we will return to the "questions of the human heart" and reflect on how God answers these questions. Related to this are matters pertaining to the historical development of the Bible and how it came to be written.The Holy Spirit inspired the development of the New Testament. This will also be the focus of lessons this week. We will finish with a consideration of the letters found in the New Testament.

Week 8

We will examine the story of the early Church that is recounted in the Acts of the Apostles and the life and work of St Paul.

Week 9

This is Holy Week. We will reflect briefly on Jesus as the Suffering Servant described by the prophet Isaiah. We will conclude the Term with a test of what has been covered this Term.