Kolbe MovieMakers Inc. presents ...  


During the second half of the Term, you will be required to collaborate with students in your class to produce a 5 minute film about one of the five stages in the history of the growth and development of the Church. 

You are to use iMovie to make your film and then upload it to Kolbe's YouTube channel. Mr Hagiwara will provide the "intro" and "outtro" segments to identify your films as Kolbe productions. The movies will be useful for further study in Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the Religion and Life Course of Study in 2014 and 2015.

Each film is about ... 

The film that you produce will include the following: 

  1. a description of the world in which the Church grows and develops 
  2. an overview of events in the life of the Church that illustrates the response of the Church and its members to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit 
  3. short biographies of key figures in society and in the Church who contributed to the growth and development of the Church 
  4. the story of society's reactions to the teaching and action of the Church
  5. the contribution and example of the saints.  

Stages in the growth and development of the Church

There are FIVE stages in the growth and development of the Church. They can be summarised as: 

  1. The Church in Jerusalem
  2. The Church spreads out from Jerusalem into Israel and Palestine
  3. The Church spreads throughout the Roman Empire 
  4. The Church ushers in the age of Christendom
  5. The Church moves beyond Europe. 
Each group will be responsible for planning and producing a 5 minute movie about ONE of the above-named stages. 

Working in groups ... 

To assist you as you develop your project, a number of internet resources have been developed. 

First, a website has been established using Google Sites. For each stage, a page has been added and linked to Google Docs. Your Google Doc can be edited by members of your group. 

Second, your textbook has material that is relevant to the five stages about which the films will be made. 

Third, playlists will be provided to help you research the content of your films.