Mission Impossible 2 ... 2

The second lesson commences with a Memory Game. A representative from each team will meet in the centre of the room. The 18 cards will be spread out, face down, on the table. Each student will take turns in turning over 3 cards. If a student selects all 3 of the same card, then their team gains 100 points. If a student selects 2 of the same card, they keep the cards and turn the third card back over and the game continues. As stated above, the first team to collect all 3 cards gains 100 points, the second team will gain 90 points, and so on until all teams have 3 cards of the same image. 

The images are indicators of the next phase in the game. Each image has an envelope associated with it. In the envelope is a sheet on which the image has been produced and a scripture passage added. The image and the scripture relate to a characteristic of a healthy sexuality. 

Each team adds the heading Mission Impossible 2 to their Google doc. Then they add the name of the characteristic and a brief explanation of what it means to them. 

Each team brainstorms specific examples of ways that teenagers can demonstrate the characteristic in their lives. 

Next, they brainstorm and also research some negative consequences that stem from not demonstrating the characteristic, that is, of failing to develop that aspect of a healthy sexuality. 

Next, each team brainstorms and researches the positive consequences of developing the characteristic assigned to their group. 

Finally, they collaborate to write a reflection on what this characteristic means to young people their age and in our society today. 

Each step in this process is added to their Google doc, which is shared with me.