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Breaking the soil ... 

Show students the outline of the unit RE94

Outline the lesson as follows: 

Read the following introduction found on the RE94 website: 

Throughout chapters one and two  you discovered that God has given us many personal gifts: Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, Relational and the Will. There is a purpose behind each of these gifts. A person's sexuality has a purpose  just like other gifts. God revealed the purpose  of the gift of sexuality  thousands of years ago. It is revealed in the Creation Stories, in Genesis at the beginning of the Bible.  As a whole class and in Teams you will work through the following activities  and then begin the individual Task  for Mission Impossible 2.

Watch two videos related to the two creation stories in the Book of Genesis.

The first video tells the first story of creation, which is referred to by scripture scholars as the priestly account of creation.  

Read Genesis 1: 26-31.  What does God seem like to you in this myth?

Students will have some difficulty with this question. The weaker students will not understand what is being sought. Some students will be confused by the reference to "myth". 

The following explanation will be given: All religions use stories to communicate the reality of the meeting between God and people. For instance, the story of the meeting between Yahweh and Moses has Moses standing before a burning bush which is not consumed by the fire. The Jewish storyteller used an extreme event - bushes sometimes catch fire spontaneously in the Egyptian desert. 

The question asks students to conclude from the scripture passage what God is like. What needs to be drawn out is its meaning for our behaviour and the formation of ideals. 

We will discuss this question for a few minutes. Then students will be given about 5 minutes to make their own notes based on the discussion. Their notes will be assessed. 

The second creation story introduces Adam and Eve. We will view the video set for this part of the course. Then we will look for the parallels between the video and the scripture passage. 

Read Genesis 2:7-25.  What does God seem like to you in this myth?

Digging deeper 

The "creation stories" pdf presents the students with the two readings and a set of questions to answer. These are set as a writing activity for students to commence in class and complete overnight for homework. 

The process will be enhanced by printing copies of the pdf to distribute to the class. We will work through the questions. Students will write answers to the questions. Their written work will be cited and marks awarded in the next lesson.

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