Term 1: Knight 101 - Vocation: Called to Be and Become

This unit seeks to introduce students to very basic ideas that reflect Catholic teaching on vocation and on the place of work in the context of the Christian vocation. It focuses on the moral and spiritual dimensions of the daily life of students.

Helping  young people to discover their vocation is a noble task and one that is part of parenthood.  Religious Education plays a complementary role and fulfils the purpose of showing students the religious and Christian dimension of a person’s vocation.

People are called to BE as God created them in Christ to be. Only when they are on the way to becoming God’s people will the roles they exercise be truly fruitful and effective.

Term 2: Knight 102 - The Search for Freedom

This unit begins with the exploration of the struggle we often experience when it comes to making wise choices. Through journal writing and discussions of contemporary songs, video clips and news items, we will deepen our understanding of what each person needs so that they can make morally right decisions. 

Given what we learn about how to make moral decisions, we will apply our knowledge to the issue of asylum seekers that seems to have split our nation. Through the use of Go Back To Where You Came From, we will investigate the morality of the opposing choices that represent the positions of many Australians and evaluate them in the light of the teaching of Jesus. 

Finally, we will examine how Christians develop the inner resources they need to make difficult choices, including the decision to be like the Good Samaritan. 


Knight 103 - The Action of the Holy Spirit in People and in the World

This unit focuses on the action of the Holy Spirit in the individual conscience and the conscience of society. It was the Holy Spirit's presence in the world that led to the growth and development of the Church. 

Knight 104 - Restoring God's Justice in the World

The topic of this term is "restoring God’s justice in the world." Catholicism teaches that the human experiences of the world cause us to respond with a sense of justice, and in a way this is God speaking to us about his plan.