Welcome to the world of Year 11 Religious Education! We teach a course known as Religion & Life, a year-long multi-strand course about the place of religion in society.

Religion and Life ATAR 1: The Search for Meaning ... Why religion?

This unit of study focuses on people's search for meaning and the role of religion in that search. We examine how the world's great religions respond to the heart questions that most people ask ("Why am I here?" "What is the purpose of my life?" "Why do good people suffer?" "What happens after death?"). Our principal focus will be on Christianity and especially on Catholicism.

Religion and Life ATAR 2: People and Religion

This unit is about people and religion. It considers the moral, ethical and social issues that confront people today and explores the responses made by the Catholic Church to these issues. Its particular focus will be justice and social justice and how the Church today draws on Tradition and Revelation to guide people to act justly.