New Worlds from Old Ideas

Welcome to my world,

My world has been filled with many, many blessings — and I hope to share them with you through this website. My journey as a student has taken me from a classroom in the convent school in Norseman, Western Australia to researching in the Bodleian in Oxford. In 2014, I went on a pilgrimage to Poland to the City of the Immaculata. Known around the world as Niepokalanow, this Franciscan community was established by St Maximilian Kolbe, a Conventual Franciscan friar who was martyred in Auschwitz in 1941.

In 2015, I discovered The Kolbe Walk in Rome and I like to think that I walked in his footsteps in those two years. The Collosseum is one of the stops on the Walk. And so, I use it as a symbol of the triumph of good over evil and of the the power we possess, through the grace of God, to imagine new worlds where good is celebrated in the presence of God. I will do my best to use my knowledge and skills to imagine new worlds constructed from old ideas. 

When I take my ideas into the wilderness … 

About an Eco-spirituality Experience

I wonder what it would be like to create a Catholic school staff reflection day based on Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, but have it be about eco-spirituality? Well, here are six tales (in name only, they haven’t been written yet): 

  1. The holy man’s tale (St Francis of Assisi)
  2. The climate scientist’s tale (Charles Keeling)
  3. The climate change denier’s tale (Tony Abbott)
  4. The teen activist’s tale (Anjali Sharma)
  5. The octogenarian nun’s tale (Sr Brigid Arthur)
  6. The Noongar Elder’s tale (Eileen Kampaputa Brown)

The tales are presented in six locations. The Cardijn structure of See, Judge, Act is employed in the presentation of each tale. Over the course of a day, every staff member not involved in the presentations will participate in all six stories. 

Living in Whadjuk-Noongar Boodjar

This is me!

I am proud to live in the Whadjuk region of the Noongar nation, the first people of the south west corner of the country known as Australia. I was born here and I have lived most of my life here. While I enjoy visiting other places on our planet — and part of me would like to live and work in Oxford — I don’t want to live anywhere else. 

Richard Patrick Branson