Sorting thru’ the archives

8 Feb 2024

Money, money, money makes the world go ‘round!

Why would Perth YCW spend $36.04 on 762 photocopies in December, 1999? Their fax bill was higher, being $52.02. Invoices forwarded to the Perth YCW office in the months either side of this month show very little activity that is media related. So, what was happening? 

I volunteer as a mentor with YCW and YCS in Perth. They have their offices in the Catholic Pastoral Centre in Mary Street, Highgate, a suburb of Perth. One of the tasks I have set myself is to digitise all the pieces of paper in the files that fill three filing cabinets. The posts that make up this blog have come from this work.  

Finance records from 1999 show that YCW paid a license fee for access to the Internet. On my latest visit to the office, I used my phone as a hotspot to link my iPad to the Internet. Advances in technology have rendered most of the computer equipment in both offices obsolete. 

Richard Patrick Branson